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buzzing adj : noisy like the sound of a bee; "the room was abuzz over the latest scandal" [syn: abuzz, droning]

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  1. The action of the verb to buzz.
  2. The sound produced by something that buzzes.
    I can hear buzzing coming from the television.

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Buzz may refer to:
In media:
In technology:
  • Buzz (airline), a discount airline formerly operating in Europe
  • Buzz cut, American name for a type of haircut where the hair is sheared very closely to the scalp
  • Buzz number, letter and number combination applied to U.S. Air Force aircraft after World War II
  • Bizz buzz, a group word game
  • Salt Lake Buzz, former name of the Salt Lake Bees minor league baseball team
Buzz may also be: People with the name Buzz:
  • Buzz Aldrin (born 1930), American pilot and astronaut, second person to set foot on the Moon
  • George Beurling (1921–1948), Canadian World War II fighter pilot nicknamed "Buzz"
  • Buzz Hargrove (born 1944), National President of the Canadian Auto Workers trade union
  • Buzz Kilman, Chicago radio personality.
  • Buzz Osborne (born 1964), guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, founding member of The Melvins
  • J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner (born 1967), American forensic psychologist and journalist
  • Buzz, a host of the American children's television series ZOOM
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